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Content Restoration

C&B’s Contents Team is trained and dedicated to rescuing your belongings when disaster strikes. Our team prides itself in the best customer service and the highest quality work when assisting our clients. From clothing and electronics to wedding pictures and antique furniture, we provide immediate assistance and proven techniques to salvage and refurbish your contents.

Content Restoring Process

Our Initial Arrival

Upon our arrival by one of C&B’s project manager’s, they will do an initial walk through with you to familiarize themselves with the content that has been affected.

*Please inform us immediately of which belongings are cherished the most during the walkthrough.

Photo Taking

After the initial walk-through, our Project Manager will take digital photos of each room affected and all of its contents to come up with an on-site inventory list. This is to ensure that no items are lost throughout the process and when our team “Packs-Back”, all your contents are placed back in the right location.


After the photos are taken, the inventory list is completed, and the permission by the owner of the house or building is given, the rest of our contents team will take action. All contents that are able to be cleaned on site will be, and placed in a safe location. All contents that need special treatment will be labeled, individually wrapped for protection, and then taken back to our facilities for further action. The process will be done in a timely manner, and our highly trained team will provide the utmost care for your belongings. Our experience has taught us that time is of the essence in all content restoring situations. 


The boxes of content will be stored accordingly to if the materials need climate controlled storage or not. After restoring your home is done, the last step for our contents team is to “Pack-Back” all your belongings. Our team will use the on-site inventory list and photos taken to ensure we place everyhting back in its original location. With our 30+ years of experience, our content team excels in organization knowing that the more organization there is, the less chaotic of a process it will be for our customers and ourselves.

Cleaning Services Offered

     Furniture Restoration & Contents Cleaning

     Dry Cleaning

     Electronic Cleanings

     Ozone & Deodorization Treatments

     Climate Controlled Storage

     Content Pack-Out & Pack-Back

     Detailed Line Item Inventory 

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