Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and Smoke Damage in Delaware

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration & Repair

  • Victim Assistance

    After you have reported your loss information to one of our restoration specialists, your designated C&B Project Manager will contact you and be onsite within 60 minutes to assess the damage. It is not necessary to speak with your insurance company before our initial inspection. After the initial inspection, if a claim is necessary, then your Project Manager will help you call and file a claim with your insurance company.

  • Initial Inspection & Documentation

    On the initial inspection your designated Project Manager will document with detailed photos, notes and moisture readings into our project management software your structure and all of your contents that were affected. We understand the tragedy you are going through and understand how important is is to document everything from the amount of silverware you had to your Grandmother’s jewelry that was passed down to you down to the brands of cereal boxes and how full they were. We document and inventory every single item big or small within your house. Our detailed photos, notes, and moisture readings are shared through our software with you and your insurance company.

  • Pack Out

    After thorough documentation the next step is to remove all of your contents and items from the affected areas and begin a salvageable and non salvageable list. No item will ever be thrown away without you signing off on It. Items hold sentimental values and we want to be responsible for trying to restore It for you, not throwing It away. What can be salvaged and restored is packed out and taken to our facility for a professional cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Odor Control, Structure, and Contents Cleaning

    During the pack out process our Water Mitigation team, if needed, will have been extracting any excess water from the Fire Company and drying out the structure to prevent any further damage. After the pack out process is complete our certified Fire & Odor Control Technicians will begin their cleaning and demolition process of the structure that was affected by the smoke & fire. During the process we will run our state of the art odor control equipment to ensure we are completely getting the odors out that will be engulfed within your structure. Every square inch of the affected area will be thoroughly addressed. While all this is going on at your property, back at our warehouse our Contents team will be thoroughly cleaning all of your contents.

  • Wrap Up & Pack Back

    Throughout the Smoke/Fire restoration process we use our detailed documentation to compile a scope of work and your Project Manager will submit her/his estimate of work performed with the necessary insurance documents directly to your insurance company. C&B’s pricing is generated off of Xactimate, which is a national software recommended by all insurance companies to be used by all restoration companies. We do not pick our pricing - the software does. This ensures all customers are treated with a fair price and that C&B is on the same pricing structure as your insurance company. A final walk through with the designated Project Manager to your job will take place on the final day of structural cleaning & demolition to address any concerns and give us feedback on how we can continue to improve our workmanship. At any point throughout the smoke/fire restoration process our renovation services can be discussed with your designated PM and she/he will direct you to our Renovations Department. After the renovations are completed, our Contents team will ‘pack back’ everything into your house. The team will place every single item we are bringing back, in the location we found It, the initial day or in the location you direct us to.