a national leader in emergency response service for disasters. 


Our team currently serves all of Sussex County, Delaware.


Why Call 1-800-BOARDUP when your property needs to be Boarded Up?

  • Protect your home from further damage.

  • Protection from trespassers.

Fire damaged buildings can be very dangerous:

  • Loose Electrical Wires

  • Open Holes in the Floor

  • Weak Structure

  • Please DO NOT enter your home after a fire until you have been advised by a firefighter or building official.

  • Even then, ‘allowing you to enter’ does not mean the area is safe to enter.

When disaster strikes, immediately go through this 3 step process:

  1. Call 1-800-BOARDUP (1-800-262-7387).

  2. Tell the dispatcher what happened and your zip code.

  3. The dispatcher will immediately dispatch our 1-800-BOARDUP emergency service team to your location.